Bagira Coffeehelyben tigris

Taking our coffee passion to the next level, in 2016, we decided to establish, our own, in-house coffee brand. Through trial and error, we have created a specialty blend that is lightly roasted and matches the high standards of our baristas and regulars. We source our beans from esteemed coffee plantations, and create specialty blends, well balanced for acid and alkali notes. Here at Cirkusz, we consider coffee beans a fruit, so we intend to preserve some of its inherently fruity and acidic flavors to be tasted in the cup for a smooth finish. It is also notable that we primarily use single-origin coffee beans, this allows us to present a vast tapestry of distinct flavors and characters. It also allows us to prepare a perpetually shifting coffee landscape, for the benefit of our regulars. Although not directly coffee related, we feel it’s important to note that a lot of our coffee creations also greatly benefit from our farm sourced milk. White like the driven snow; if you enjoy milk, you should not deny yourself the rich, frothy, goodness we have to offer.



1072 Budapest
Dob utca 25.


+36 1 786 49 59 


Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 22:00
Sunday: 9:00 - 17:00

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