Our story

Work hard, brunch harder!

That’s what we do best.
We’re your favorite neighborhood spot serving brunch all day long.
Our mission is simple – make people feel at home in Budapest!
All while serving them quality and great tasting food, and providing great, friendly service.
We love food. We care about the way it looks and how it tastes. 

The Cirkusz is a family. We work together as family, allowing our customers to feel right at home and enjoy that comfort food when brunching. We strive to give one of the best brunch experiences. 

We’re travelers ourselves always on a hunt for new experiences, but yet we crave that sense of familiarity found in a brunch – and we want to share that with you.
We are passionate about taking great care of our employees, our guests, and our community. We love our city, and we want you to love it too!
We are obsessed with building a positive, empowering, and supportive culture. We care about every meal and every moment. Walk in the door and you’re in for a great time at the Cirkusz.  

Whether you just arrived to Budapest for the first time or your hundredth time, come as you are, we’ve got you covered. 

Opening Times:

Monday – Sunday
7:30 AM – 4 PM

Our Coffee history

Our speciality coffee is important to the Cirkusz.

Specialty coffee espresso bars have usually limited space, and we wanted to be more than just a small cafe. We wanted to be a place where you could enjoy your coffee and enjoy a brunch along with it.
We started with roasting our own coffee in 2015, right here in the Cirkusz. To this day you can see our world-class equipment , more impressive to coffee aficionados but still impressive to others too. Guests loved being able to see first hand how it happened, and the fresh smell filling not only Cirkusz but also the streets of Budapest. Your nose led you to the Cirkusz to experience that fresh coffee taste. You didn’t get this anywhere else. 

Our Cirkusz family really knows its coffee. Our nose and our knowledge set us apart from other specialty coffees. We needed to expand and moved our roasting out from the Cirkusz, but it’ll always be the coffee that we pour in your cup.
Even more so, there was such a demand for our coffee not only did our customers want to drink it in the Cirkusz but they wanted to take it home with themselves and enjoy the taste from the comfort of their own homes too.
We listened and did just that. Now customers can buy bags in the Cirkusz or if they’re in Budapest, they can order the beans from us too! 

Want in our other secret? Our Cirkusz baristas are pretty great too! We work with some of the bests here in Hungary.
One of our founding members, Edit, won 3rd place at the Latte Art World Championships in Melbourne, Australia (2014). Our other member of the Cirkusz family, Adam, was named the Hungarian Barista Champion (2018).

Experience our Speciality Coffee

Bagira Coffee

Our speciality coffee is Bagira. 

It’s our in-house coffee since 2015 that we roasted right in the Cirkusz. 

One event led to the next and we took our coffee roasting to the next level. 

We’ve always stayed true to our goals of only offering food, and service of the highest standards. And this is true with our Bagira coffee too. 

For our coffee nerds, our beans are only sourced from reputable coffee plantations and and carry a well-balanced acid and alkali notes. We mostly use single-origin coffee beans allowing us to provide a wide range of distinct flavors and characteristics to make Bagira a unique addition to the Cirkusz. 

We’re very proud of our brainchild, Bagira, being served at dozens of places ranging from gastropubs to Michelin-star restaurants too. 

Travellers' Choice

Best Brunch Spots – World

As a result of the persistent and hard work of the last 8 years, Cirkusz has been included in the 🌎 World’s TOP 25 Brunches and thanks to the reviews of our guests, we have received the 🏆 Best of the Best 2021 award, which is given to places that consistently perform in the top 1% of the world.

We are proud of this and our team and thank our guests for their support! And thank you to TripAdvisor, as being a compass and helping travelers worldwide to make their decisions!

As before, we continue to work every day to ensure that everyone leaves Cirkusz satisfied and with great experiences.




Bence Csoboth

Head Chef

Bence has been with the Cirkusz family since almost our grand opening. His passion for cooking and food started in his Grandmother’s’ kitchen and has grown continuously. 

What may be surprising is he never thought he’d find himself as a chef in the breakfast scene. It was always looked down upon since everyone thought it was so simple. But it’s not. It’s far from that. Maybe even the complete opposite. 

When him and founder Tibor met, there were few breakfast places in Budapest, and even fewer eggs benedicts. This is where they saw that they could excel. 

Bence embarked himself on a brunch journey in the kitchen and ever since then it’s been history. He’s helped in making executive decisions to what to serve their customers and finally coming to conclusions that they’re best value is in the brunches that him and is team serve. 

He hasn’t looked back since then. 

He’s come to like this new endeavour and has come to appreciate that not only does he get to spend this time with his Cirkusz family and adding his personality to the meals but he also gets to spend time with his family at home too. 

There’s never been a day that he hasn’t been excited about going into the kitchen at the Cirkusz and getting the orders ready. 

Fun fact: Makes 3600 eggs on a weekly basis! 

Bence’s most favored Cirkusz menu item: Pulled Pork Benedict 

Ádám Török

Co-founder of Bagira Coffee,
Winner of Hungarian Barista Championship 2018

Adam’s coffee journey began over 15 years ago. Since then, he’s been at the forefront of changing the coffee scene in Budapest. 

He is looked up to within the specialty coffee industry and has introduced specialty coffees to an even wider audience. 

His relentless enthusiasm for coffee is contagious and he oversees every step of the roasting process at Bagira. In addition to this, he is responsible for identifying coffee plantations, sourcing coffee beans and training our partners to ensure efficiency. 

If you catch him in Cirkusz, exchange a few words with him! He may just share his expertise and open your world to a world of new aromas and flavors. 

Adam’s most favored coffee order: an espresso 

Edit Juhász

3rd place at Latte Art World Championship

Edit is an exceptional barista through her years of experience not only working with coffee but drinking it too. 

Her love and talent for latte art emerged from previous frustration with the foam on her cappuccino. It motivated her to make this her own expertise and nearly mastering it to perfection. 

In 2014, she competed against the champion baristas coming together from 32 different nations at the Latte Art World Championship in Melbourne. 

There she put her talents to the test where she excelled and skillfully competed against the six finalists where she was awarded 3rd. 

You’ll catch her behind the bar at Cirkusz and can see her work firsthand with the artwork in your coffee cup. 

Edits most favored coffee orders: an espresso, filter, or V60

Tibor Tamási


Tibor found himself always pretending to be a chef dating back to when he was in Kindergarten. He remembered those foods that he’s play with, planning weddings, and always wanting to be a chef and embracing that atmosphere. 

Nonetheless, he was always in the kitchen with his Grandma too. He knew his foods at a young age, new what particular flavors tasted and you just could not get him out of the kitchen. 

Years later, and you can still find him in the restaurant scene. He has worked and managed restaurants both across Hungary and the US. 

He wanted to open his own place that reflected on the best attributes of the two places he calls home: Hungary and the US. With his dedication and ambition, Cirkusz opened in 2014. 

Cirkusz has grown to be one of the most preferred brunch locations for locals and tourists. A casual brunch spot with culinary inspirations form across the world with sophisticated dishes from the chef, in addition to bringing is a cultured and well-rounded coffee crowd. 

Cirkusz’s location in Budapest simply adds to its value. Cirkusz is rooted in the lively Jewish district of Budapest, allowing it to be an integral part of the city’s vibrant ecosystem and a staple restaurant for both foodies and explorers. 

Tibor’s passion is seen through the quality of food and service that is provided at Cirkusz. To this day, you will find him in Cirkusz sharing his stories, and bringing the happy positive vibe into the Cirkusz. He gains instant gratification from his happy customers, and a quote that he lives by from Danny Meyer (Founder & CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group in NYC) is this, “Hospitality is present when something happens for you. It is absent when something happens to you. Those two simple prepositions – for and to – express it all…” this is what captures his passion for his guests. 

He never settles for less than the best, and even then he is constantly working on improvements (something that the Cirkusz team has grown to love and hate)! 

One of the most important aspects to Tibor is the family atmosphere that Cirkusz has given him. The Cirkusz is his family and he knows that his success could not of been made without the rest of his Cirkusz family by his side too. 

Tibor’s most favored Cirkusz menu items: Eggs Benedict or Avocado toast 

Find us here

1074 Budapest, Dob utca 25.